Food Service

  • Fresh: Fruit and Vegetables, Fish
  • Ambient: Tinned Products, Sauces, Sugar, Flour, Herbs and Spices Tea, Coffee
  • Chilled: Cheese, Milk, Meat,
  • Frozen: Vegetables, Meat, Pastries, Fish, Bread
  • Cleaning and Disposables: Degreasers, Washing Up Liquids, Scourers, Napkins

We supply and stock a full range of these products which are distributed from our warehouse in temperature controlled vehicles.

Technical Stores

  • Deck Stores
  • Cabin Stores
  • Machine Spares
  • Marine Chemicals

Shipping Services

  • Ship Chandler serving all UK Ports
  • 24/7/365 day Service
  • Ships Stores including Food, Beverages, Bonded Stores, Chemicals and Technical Provisions
  • Bonded Stores including Tobacco, Cigarettes and Meat

Yare Food Services

Yare Food Services supply food and beverages to Schools, Restaurants, Colleges and Care Homes along with our offshore division supplying to Wind Farm, Jack Up, Standby and Supply Vessels. In addition to Oil and Gas Platforms.
Stock available 95
Orders completed98
Deliveries completed100
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